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4th Jun 2018, 6:06 PM

photo op
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avalon_mao on 4th Jun 2018, 6:06 PM

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Summary: 15 minutes later, the girls have ordered and the waitress came back and gave them their food and beverages. Vivian gets a gorgeous cheesecake with macarons and whipped cream, and the waitress brings breakfast food, a brownie, and other delicacies for the girls. Vivian expresses her disbelief in how fancy this café is, and takes a photo of her dessert with her phone. Kristine, already digging in, says that this is what rich, smart kids get.
Dakota leans in and admires Vivian’s cheesecake, asking what she ordered. Vivian says that she got the “Galaxy Cheesecake”, and asks Dakota if she wants any. Dakota politely declines, but then tells Vivian to watch out.